| Illustration
portrait of Gustave Doré - by Martin Beckett
Portrait of 19th Century illustrator Gustave Doré - created for promotional material for Offset
Wee Dan drives out of Moville - by Catnapper for bakery
Wee Dan drives out of Moville'; created for Daniel Doherty Bakery by CatNapper.
Hoppy Easter bunnies - by CatNapper
Image created by CatNapper (Martin's alter ego) for a promotional Easter campaign.
image for greetings card range 'humdingers' by Martin Beckett
'Humdingers' greetings cards
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1800 Oilman - character design for Inishowen Oil - by One Tree Studio
1800 Oilman, character designed for Inishowen Oil to champion their sister company 1800 Oilman. The character is to go on all lorries, promotional items and advertising.
Sonny SOS Squad La Roche Posay - by martin beckett
SOS Sqaud - character designed as part of a group for La Roche Posay.
Let me introduce you to Sonny the leader of the SOS Squad.
Superheroes - martin beckett - CatNapper
We all love Superheroes, here are a few favourites.
Bear in the woods - by CatNapper
Bear in the woods - by CatNapper
| Packaging & Product
Bread packaging design - by One Tree Studio
Bread bag packaging design for daniel Doherty Bakery. Bag needed to be versatile to take a wide variety of baked goods.
Bunny Box - cool packaging design by Onetreestudio
Promotioan box. Fill with treats, mix up the characters or just play - packaging design can be fun.
Ballyfree egg box - packaging design by One Tree Studio
Ballyfree Free Range eggs.
Label design for Ballyfree 4 pack.
Tea packaging - cool packaging designs - by onetreestudio
Packaing design for tea - part of a special promotion.
At One Tree Studio we take all the pain out of sourcing and dealing with lots of different image makers and designers.
Here at One Tree Studio we work with you on your product, packaging or marketing promotion and with our contacts in the packaging industry we are uniquely placed to make sure that your product makes it from idea to shelf.
| Design
Vehicle branding by One Tree Studio
delivery van design for Daniel Doherty Bakery. Van design to reflect packaging throughout their range.
Inishstone - logo design and branding by One Tree Studio
Inishstone logo, designed as part of a larger branding project by One Tree Studio
Irish Food logo - One Tree Studio
Irish Food logo.
Designed and copyrighted by One Tree Studio. This logo is only used by Irish companies that work with One Tree Studio, highlighting their and our commitment to Irish jobs.
SOS squad, La Roche Posay - One Tree Studio
SOS Squad logo and icon.
Logo designed by One Tree Studio for La Roche Posay, championing their 'Save Our Skin' campaign, specifically targeting children. There are five characters designed to go with this campaign.