| Illustration
Image for permanent exhibition on US in Dublin - bt Martin Beckett
'I've got a great idea boys', image for a permanent exhibition on U2
American Turkey Farmer - by CatNapper
American Turkey Farmer.
Image created for stock.
Victorian Christmas - Illustration by CatNapper
Victorian Christmas - a festive treat for Greetings cards and stock imagery, by CatNapper
Image for funny greetings card
'Humdingers' greetings cards
Paperlink on facebook
1800 Oilman - character design for Inishowen Oil - by One Tree Studio
1800 Oilman, character designed for Inishowen Oil to champion their sister company 1800 Oilman. The character is to go on all lorries, promotional items and advertising.
La Roche Posay - SOS squad characters - martin beckett
SOS Sqaud - character designed as part of a group for La Roche Posay.
Let me introduce you to Sunhat & Shades Monster - because you should always cover up in the sun.
Superheroes - martin beckett - CatNapper
We all love Superheroes, here are a few favourites.
Wee Dan - Daniel Doherty Bakery - by One Tree Studio and CatNapper
This is Wee Dan the champion of Daniel Doherty Bakery's cakes and treats; after all why settle for faceless branding when you can add personality to your product!
Martin has just completed an exciting update to the SOS Squad monsters for La Roche Posay. They are putting the litttle guys on promotional items to be given out free when certain products are bought. Here at One tree studio we even designed two of them, a frisbee and a drawstring bag.La Roche Posay - SOS Sqaud - Martin Beckett

We have just successfully sent out a Valentine's promotion, Martin Beckett - Heart of the Forestwe are sorry if we missed you, but you can still see the design right here. ...this image is also available as a signed print from Martin's new online shop right here.

One Tree Studio were recently approached by Inishowen Oil to design a promotional leaflet for their new brand 1800 Oilman, the leaflet included a €5 discount voucher, so if you got one don't forget to use it!

Martin has just completed another set of four greetings cards for his 'Humdingers' range byPaperlink. We are really looking forward to seeing them in the shops in te next couple of months...but in the mean time you can still buy the other cards in the range from all good card shops.

Here at One Tree Studio we have a philosophy for Follow your star, follow your dreams with one tree studio2014...Follow Your Star, follow your dreams. So if you have any creative dreams you want to make come true just give us a call.

We were approached last year by Mark Ellis Pharmacy, who were looking to re-vamp their logo. After an initial consultation and brainstorm we agreed that a complete new branding was needed. Currently we are discussing bags and in-store signage.

One Tree Studio 1800 oilman - lorry designwere contacted by Inishowen Oil to design a new logo and character for 1800 Oilman. The logo was to go across all platforms including workwear, stationery, promotional advertising and vehicles.
The character was also to be used on their lorries and promotional advertising, a way to put a face to the name.

The Art of SuperstitionIllustrators Ireland are putting on a new show to be held in The Copper House Gallery, called The Art of Superstition. Martin's piece 'A fortune to be told' will be included. The dates for the exhibition are from the 11th to the 31st October, please come.

Although there hasn't been much activity shown on the web site lately I can assure you that we have been peddling frantically under the water.

Martin has been asked to produce an image for a permanent exhibition on 'The Rise of U2' to be shown in The Little Museum in Dublin (which you can see on Martin's behance page by clicking here).

Book Cover, children's bookWe have illustrated the third book in the series of the Daisy & Dean books for Avolon.

We have also finished this years Panto image for Laya Healthcare (I know, but it is only 12 weeks until Christmas!!!).
We were approached by Mark Ellis Pharmacy to re-look at their logo identity (which we are currently looking at) and we completed the deisgn for Daniel Doherty Bakery's new generic 'Morning Goods' bag.

We are looking at a new promotional campaign to do with Superheros and tea, so Martin has had Superheros on the brain for a while now....
Superheros - cool super heros by Martin Beckett

Panto time already??? Martin has been approached by Spear design to illustrate 'Snow white and the seven Dwarfs' for Laya Healthcare.

We are currently looking at the bread wrappers for Daniel Doherty Bakery, it will be great to see the new brand taken across the whole range.

Martin has just been approached by Avolon to produce their thrid Daisy & Dean children's book, the story is great and he is looking forward to getting stuck in...this year we are going to the Jungle!!cat & curry greetings card by Martin Beckett illustration

Martin has just expanded the 'Humdingers' greetings card range with another four designs including this one. The range is looking good so far and is out in all good retailers :) The latest four will be out in the beginning of July.

We have just designed a shelf-ready-pack for ballyfree Jumbo 6 eggs (an addition to the the egg box label) and are delighted to see them looking so good in Tescos stores country wide.

One Tree Studio are delighted to have been asked to design a new label and shelf ready pack for Greenfield Food's Ballyfree Jumbo 6 eggs.

Paperlink have just sent us the first prints of the new 'Humdingers' greetings card range. They are looking great...we will put up more information on when they are out... and some more of the images soon.

Martin has just had a photo taken for a feature on his new greetings card range by Paperlink called 'Humdingers!'.
Martin Beckett - illustrator in studioThis photo is to go in Progressive Greetings magazine discussing Martin's new range (with Paperlink)....it is nice to be considered progressive.

cat and wine glass - onetreestudioIt has been a busy week here at One Tree Studio, even the cats are relaxing with a well deserved glass of wine.

Welcome to One Tree Studio's brand new shiny web site. We have tried to make this a more user friendly experience and showcase more of our diverse work, so please take a look around and contact us for any projects you might have coming up.

Illustrators Ireland are taking 'The Illustrated Beatles' exhibition to The Riverbank Gallery in Newbridge. The exhibition opens Saturday 9th February and runs until 9th March. Martin's piece 'I'm So Tired' will be on show.

Martin is currently exhibing his image 'The Caretaker' in The United Arts Club in Dublin, the exhbition is on unitl February 18th, all are welcome.

We wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2013!

One Tree Studio wishes you all a very Merry Christmas!

Martin was asked by Dialogue to produce some story board illustrations for a claymation style advert for the AA... we are really looking forward to seeing the results.

One Tree Studio have been asked to re-vamp Daniel Doherty Bakery's packaging; this has started with branding their latest van...a teaser of what is to come.

Martin's Illustarted Beatles is available here to buy as a print.

Martin is exhibiting a piece of work in the Illustrators Ireland show 'The Illustrated Beatles' in the Grand Social in Dublin. The show closes on Saturday so be sure to get there and see the fab four as you've never seen them before.

Our thoughts now turn to Autumn, with Halloween just around the corner, those long nights are back!

We have recently designed Various Packaging formats for an Armagh based Food company called Unimush Ireland, they supply fabulous stuffed Mushrooms to Asda, Morrisons, Tesco etc...We were proud to have designed their unique Pink Packaging to promote Cancer awareness in conjunction with the Marie Keating Foundation.

We're currently finalising the Avolon Christmas Book, which has developed into an additional brand, bringing a whole new fun dimension to their fantastic business.

| Packaging & Product
Ballyfree eggs - SRP bulker - packaging design by One Tree Studio
In-store Ballyfree bulker. Point of sale for all Ballyfree egg boxes.....watch this space some of these elements are going on all new Ballyfree packaging.
brilliant shelf ready packaging design by One Tree Studio
Ballyfree Jumbo 6, egg box label and SRP packaging.
Oliver Kay lid design - packaging design for Unimush Ireland - by One Tree Studio
Lid design for Oliver Kay foods client: Unimush Ireland - there were 5 lids designed for this range.
Mr Men - added value packaging for horticulture - designed by Martin Beckett under Asia Trade
Added value packaging for horticulture, done under Asia Trade.
At One Tree Studio we take all the pain out of sourcing and dealing with lots of different image makers and designers.
Here at One Tree Studio we work with you on your product, packaging or marketing promotion and with our contacts in the packaging industry we are uniquely placed to make sure that your product makes it from idea to shelf.
| Design
Powerhouse fitness - logo design - onetreestduio
Powerhouse Fitness.
Logo designed to represent power switch. The icon needde to represent the 3 core values of the centre, fitness, food and training with individual logos. To be used across all formats.
Ballyliffin Golf Club - logo design - one tree studio
Ballyliffin Golf Club.
Logo design and branding. To be used across all formats including clothing.
Irish Food logo - One Tree Studio
Irish Food logo.
Designed and copyrighted by One Tree Studio. This logo is only used by Irish companies that work with One Tree Studio, highlighting their and our commitment to Irish jobs.
SOS squad, La Roche Posay - One Tree Studio
SOS Squad logo and icon.
Logo designed by One Tree Studio for La Roche Posay, championing their 'Save Our Skin' campaign, specifically targeting children. There are five characters designed to go with this campaign.